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Shortlist is a cloud based, Freelancer Management Software (FMS) that helps companies efficiently and compliantly source, engage, manage and pay their freelancers

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Various tools to help you grow your network


Flexible onboarding automation


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Process payments to over 200 countries


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Shortlist works with hundreds of clients across various industries.

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We need freelancers who are going to complement our authors and engage with them in the creative process to get the best possible results. No freelancer management system offers this particular type of assignment process, and Shortlist does.

Justine Schofield | Operations, Scribe Media

After implementing Shortlist, Prodigious is now able to successfully and instantly find and manage all their external talent from across all of their locations, ranging from graphic designers to storyboard artists, on one single platform.

Luc Labadie | CIO, Publicis Prodigious

We managed to bring our APAC freelance team onboard (over 400 individuals) within a three month period. This enabled us to align all documentation, share resources, identify gaps, distribute work in a much more efficient and organized manner

Louise Finlay | COO, Williams Lea Tag APAC

Adopting Shortlist as our freelancer management software has been instrumental to becoming more efficient as a team. Whereas we used to have a completely manual process for onboarding freelancers into our network, we're now able to seamlessly source, train, and manage freelancers directly within one platform (cutting down on ~5 to 10 emails per freelancer onboarded).

Shafqat Islam | CEO at NewsCred

Excellent service provider and outstanding service. Information on the platform are straightforward and our payee are invited to the platform timely. Payment are processed timely and accurately. Service team are always responsive and willing to solve any problem

Smile Li | Payroll Analysts, Shiftgig

Before Shortlist, we needed to do all the payments manually; with Shortlist, it’s super smooth, super quick, and takes about three hours now whereas it used to take about three days

Anisha Suterwala | Strategic Ops, BetterUp

I can't say enough good things about Shortlist, and how vastly it's improved and streamlined our processes, and in turn, our own workflows.

Loryn Elizares | Managing Editor, Higher Education

The software is incredibly intuitive and requires very little training. We use Shortlist as our supplier, venue and freelancer database allowing the team to search based on country of operation, experience, industry and many other factors.

Todd Cartwright | Operations & Finance at Quintessentially