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Shortlist to Provide COVID Offering
To Ease Staffing Burden

Apr 13, 2020

Interested healthcare organizations are encouraged to immediately visit shortlist.health for more information. 

SAN FRANCISCO, Cali., Apr. 13, 2020 — Looking to address the staff shortage at healthcare facilities nationwide, Shortlist is providing free access to its talent sourcing and worker onboarding tool to help ramp up hiring efforts. “We’ve heard cries from hospitals on the frontline who say they’re unable to find and quickly mobilize doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists,” says CEO Joey Fraiser, “we believe Shortlist can reduce enough friction in the staffing process to make a positive impact – but we need to move fast.”

The influx of new patients has grown exponentially and has led to emergency shortages around the country. The company, with clients like GE and Microsoft, will provide a scaled-down version of its workforce management technology to quickly implement the system. “Our goal is to help facilities maintain a quick and light-weight database of current and potential staff,” says Frasier. “Administrative personnel can streamline their process by automating the collection of certifications, streamline background checks, e-sign documents, and even train new hires.” 

The shortage, a challenge for the healthcare industry even prior to the pandemic, has led hard-hit states like New York to put out a call to retried health workers to return to the workforce. The state has even gone as far as allowing medical and nursing students to jump directly into the workforce, provided they can get the proper certifications. Compounding the shortage has been the widespread infections prevalent in care personnel who are in constant contact with the virus. “We’ve helped organizations across the world scale their alumni networks and our entire solutions team is ready to assist healthcare providers immediately,” says Frasier.

Shortlist, founded in 2015, has helped Fortune 500 companies manage their external workforces with an easy-to-use cloud platform that makes it simple to automate repetitive tasks during the hiring process. “We’ve invested a lot of time to ensure the platform is as easy to use as possible so we know administrative staff will be able to hit the ground running,” says Co-Founder, Martin Konrad. Shortlist joins tech companies like Apple and Google who are pitching in to help care organizations address problems that have arisen. “We wanted to do something to support those most at risk of infection, which unfortunately are the healthcare workers on the ground,” says Konrad. 


Interested healthcare organizations are encouraged to immediately visit shortlist.health or contact joey.frasier@shortlist.co for more information. 


Tyler Dlugolecki

Tyler oversees the content production efforts at Shortlist. As a marketer and entrepreneur, he looks to bring fresh thinking to their multi-channel readership. With a background in managing independent contractors, Tyler understands the challenges of modern freelancers and the professionals that hire them.