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  • Size of your Freelancer Population
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  • State Regulations
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freelancer compliance risk

Understand the Risks of Hiring, Managing Freelancers

HR departments and hiring managers already face numerous challenges with recruiting and onboarding full-time employees, but they face increasingly costly challenges when it comes to freelancer management. Freelance and contingent worker models are increasingly critical to modern enterprise growth, but leveraging typical CMS and spreadsheet-based workflows to manage all these project-based personnel, part-time staffers and independent contractors quickly becomes unwieldy and unreliable. Additionally, the criteria for classifying and paying your freelance team members may not always be clear, which can result in employee misclassification and serious legal and financial implications for your business.

Effectively managing and documenting freelance personnel is essential for business compliance, but that starts with a comprehensive evaluation of the gaps between your policies and the labor laws in your state. It’s essential that your internal HR teams be clear about various personnel classifications, such as:

  • The difference between a full-time employee and an independent contractor
  • The independent contractor criteria you need to classify them as such
  • Your state’s penalties for a misclassified employee

Understanding the distinctions in how you employ and pay full-time personnel vs. independent contractors in your state can be the difference between a compliant organization and one facing hefty penalties for employee misclassification. So how do you know how compliant your organization is when it comes to freelancer management?


Eliminate Your Risk with a Freelancer Management System

Modern freelance management software helps HR departments and hiring managers simplify the complex processes involved in hiring, classifying, and paying freelance and contract employees. A comprehensive freelancer management platform protects your business by:

  • Improving how you engage and manage freelancers
  • Ensuring compliance in how you manage contractors
  • Mitigating the risk of an employee misclassification lawsuit

With an end-to-end solution that automates the hiring and onboarding processes, tracks and manages freelancer schedules, and accurately classifies and pays them according to state law, you’ll avoid costly fines stemming from employees misclassified as independent contractors.

It only takes a minute to save countless hours in audits. Grade your freelancer compliance risk today.

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