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Shortlist helps leading companies better manage their freelancers.
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Every business has now moved from outsourcing to a focus on driving agility in their talent strategy capabilities - Shortlist is an enabler in this space

Todd Handcock CEO Asia Pacific
Shortlist allows our team to use one dashboard to onboard and track our talent spread across 37 global locations. What took weeks can be now accomplished in less than a day
Luc Labadie CIO of Publicis Prodigious Worldwide
Shortlist is a versatile platform that allows easy locating, engagement, contracting and payments of freelancers, consultants and vendors
Mat Langley Head of Enterprise Supply Chain
Shortlist provides a compliant, automated solution for managing and engaging independent workforce
Michal Mlynarczyk CEO at Devire Europe
The Shortlist team have put together an intuitive system that is simple yet very effective. The product has the potential to become a major utility for networked dependent businesses of all types.