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Featured Project Management Integrations

Manage projects with ease! Automatically create tasks or To-do items in third-party apps when users take specific action in Shortlist.

Get a snapshot of your current hiring status. See how many candidates are at each stage of every job opening.
Set up a custom workflow that is tailored to your hiring process, and move applicants along based on their specific qualifications.

View Mavenlink integration

Shortlist’s Basecamp integration can help improve your Project Management workflow through triggering specific action from one platform to the other.

Create recipes that streamline repetitive tasks like creating new lists or detailing pertinent information in To-Do’s.

View Basecamp Integration

Cut down on Project Management duties with Shortlist’s Trello integration. Collaborate between the two platforms to enhance your workflow.

Through data entry in one system, actions can be taken in the other to improve efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks like project creation, assigning work and tracking metrics.

View Trello Integration

With Shortlist’s Teamwork integration you can enhance your Project Management workflow by creating automated actions via triggers in either platform.

Streamline specific tasks like assigning work, tracking engagements or receiving deliverables and more between the two systems to get going quicker.

View Teamwork Integration

More Project Management integrations


Only project management tool you need in Slack.


Smart project management software that uses intelligent, resource-driven scheduling technology to help teams do their best work and achieve their goals with confidence.


Simplify project, retainer, sales, and service management.

Zoho Projects

Online project management software to create and manage projects efficiently.

Pivotal Tracker

Agile project management tool of choice for developers around the world for real-time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog.


The project management tool that grows with you.


Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database.


A web-based project-management tool.


Online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks.


The Work Management Platform allows you to take control and improve your work.


Productivity platform making the world more productive with tasks, notes, projects, and time.

Jira Software Cloud

Plan, track, and manage your agile and software development projects.


It is the most intuitive collaboration and task management tool on the web.


Tool that simplifies the way teams work together.


Streamline and sync your team's projects and workflow.