Exclusive eBook

2019 Video Production Guide to Freelance Hiring

The ultimate resource to help you discover, attract and hire the right crew members for the right project.

The State of Hiring in the Video Production Industry:

The war for talent has heated up. In a bid to stay competitive and reduce costs, studios and agencies are looking to refine their age-old process of managing their project-based workforce.

As crews become leaner and content needs grow, production companies will have to adapt to an agile style of hiring which will mean adopting new workflows and robust automated software to improve operational efficiencies.

What you can expect in the E-book:

We’ll provide your team with an actionable roadmap to hire for critical production roles essential to your business while taking into account future hiring trends. Finding reliable and talented freelance staff can be a challenge but we hope to ease the burden to better discover, attract and hire the right crew members for the right project to maintain the quality your clients and viewers demand.


1. Job Demand – As technology has evolved, novel production tools and outlets are introduced on a regular basis. This has ushered in new skills and needs for production organizations.



2. Hiring Projections – Budgetary cuts and tech improvements have mean’t creators need to do more with less. Leaner, better equipped crews have reduced the traditional production crew. We’ll take a look at that future growth by job.



3. Market Day Rates + Salaries – Determining the correct rate for your project can be a challenge. We’ll dive into the market rate and the variables involved in setting a price for your services.



4. Creating a Quality Brief – Writing a quality project or job brief is a necessary step to attract potential freelancers. We’ll go through some oft-overlooked details of the process.



5. Top Video Production Hiring Sites (2019) – Your up-to-date look at the key specialized production sites for hiring production crews.



6. Hiring Workflows – If you’re accepting outside applications we recommend keeping a central database of candidates. We’ll go over specific protocols that have worked for top global production companies.



7. Contracts + Statement of Work – As you identify the right candidate for your project needs, you’ll want to focus on getting the necessary agreements in place to ensure a successful engagement. We’ll go over best practices that’ll keep your legal team happy.