End-to-End Outsourced Contractor Management

End-to-End Outsourced Contractor Management

CXC Global™ is a leading supplier of contingent workforce solutions. It has been operating in the contractor management industry for more than 25 years and operates in more than 70 countries worldwide. With an unmatched suite of managed services for employers, contractors and recruiters, CXC Global takes care of all administration associated with contractor remuneration. CXC helps thousands of organizations and individual contractors decrease costs and increase profits by providing innovative contractor management, compliance, payroll and remuneration solutions, risk mitigation, salary packaging. Today, CXC Global™ continues to lead the way with the development of new technologies and initiatives enabling both corporations and individual consultants to adapt in today’s high performance work environment.


Challenge — Onboarding And Ensuring Compliance for Contingent Workers at Scale

“We were first introduced to Shortlist in June 2017 through a partner. We received a detailed demo of the solution and we were impressed — it looked like it was quick to deploy and quite easy to use,” says Connor Heaney, Managing Director at CXC Global EMEA.

Since deploying, CXC EMEA team has been using Shortlist for each client, and for each contingent worker, whereby workers can actually serve themselves throughout the onboarding process. First, they are emailed a personalized introduction to CXC via email or text, which contains a live link to Shortlist where they are prompted to upload necessary documents and receive automated reminders if they forget.

“We use Shortlist to send out a personalized template invitations welcoming workers to the system as soon as we receive a referral. They are then asked to upload the needed documents and we are able to continuously track their progress and have complete visibility into the status of their compliance in real time.” Warman says.

“Within the Shortlist platform we’ve created specialized templates for each country and each client, and what we like about that is that we actually have a dashboard for each contingent worker to find out what stage they’re at on the compliance journey, which is really helpful for us,” Heaney added.

“We’ve also used Shortlist to build what we’re calling a VMS system to help distribute worker vacancies for our supplier clients. What happens is the supplier is invited into the platform. We then ensure that the supplier uploads all of their information, so proof that they are a company, proof that they have the correct liabilities, and so on. Once we’re happy with that documentation, we can then distribute vacancies to that supplier. The client gives us their vacancies — say a .NET developer — and we then created that vacancy in Shortlist that distributes it amongst the groups of suppliers that we believe are the one that can best fill that role,” Heaney concluded.

Results — “Every day we’re able to work a lot smarter”

“Rather than having it be a very resource-intensive manual process driven largely by our team, we’ve been able to shift onboarding to a self-service model. Shortlist has taken a very manual process and made it much more automated; it’s easy for us to use and to onboard large numbers of contractors without huge costs,” Heaney says.

“Every day we’re able to work a lot smarter. For example, we also include a lot of tags in Shortlist so that when we speak with a client — and with one particular client we’ve got around 400-500 people that we are in the process of on-boarding — this really helps us to be able to keep track of everyone and relay all that is outstanding with respect to workers’ personal information, passport copy, VAT certificate, and so on. Shortlist gives us a snapshot of how many people we’re missing documents from,”

Warman says. “It’s a nice way to keep track of everybody and all the moving pieces. You could imagine when I say we had tracker after tracker after tracker — and I mean that literally. So, my team is very, very positive about Shortlist.”

“We love it. According to my team, it’s made their job so much easier, it reduces the time that they’re having spent actually chasing up contractors, and it also gives them visibility into to compliance for each contingent worker. They absolutely love it,” says Heaney. CXC’s global network of tens of thousands of contingent workers also views Shortlist as an easier process for onboarding. “We’ve had a lot of complimentary feedback about Shortlist, so much so that two of the clients where we have Shortlist deployed would like a demo of it, which is really good, I would say,” Heaney concluded.