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  • User-friendly and intuitive interface. We customize to fit your needs.

  • Keep all your information in a central location. Find everything you need in just a few clicks.

  • Manage your entire workflow from a single platform. Integrates with your favorite apps.

  • Our exceptional 24-hour support team is on hand to solve any problems.

Shortlist has streamlined our freelancer management processes, centralized our tool chain, and greatly reduced the amount of internal admin time necessary to keep our external workforce running smoothly.

Justine Schofield — Operations, Scribe Media

See immediate returns on your investment with significant savings in the time it takes to onboard, manage, and pay your contractors and vendors.

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Malaika Drebin
Senior Coach Community Manager at BetterUp

Getting bogged down in payment processing hindered our ability to give our broad community of coaches the individualized support and personalized assistance they need to succeed. I’m now free and able to support our coaches. Not having that 3-day payroll process hanging over our heads at the end of every month is very helpful,

Justine Schofield
Operations, Scribe Media

Shortlist has streamlined our freelancer management processes, centralized our tool-chain, and greatly reduced the amount of internal admin time necessary to keep our external workforce running smoothly.

Kevin Grey
Director at K-12 Publishing Services

Easy to use, great customer service, intuitive interface. Met most of the initial needs and their new updates continue to impress.

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Customer reviews

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Melanie Henkel Financial Controller at BetterUp

Exceptional Customer Service/Great company
Ease of use and ability to integrate with our internal platform demonstrated ease of onboarding and payment tracking for our outside contractors Reporting features

Louise Finlay COO at Williams Lea Tag

Highly recommended

User friendly, great customer support, provides innovative business solutions. Being able to see our freelance talent’s portfolio in one easy-to-use platform was such an advantage for our teams to ensure the right talent was engaged.

Jenna Baik Ops Manager at Wandr Studio

The simple, clean interface to keep track of all our approved contractors

The software is great, customer service is great, excited to see it continue to improve and grow!

Loryn Elizares Managing Editor at

The FMS of my dreams!

– Integration with Hello Sign takes so much pain out of the on-boarding process
– Speaking of which, the customizable on-boarding is bar none
– Payments are easy to set up and schedule
– Freelancers love it
– Intuitive setup; you can tell it was designed with the user experience in mind
– Amazing responsiveness of team

Emily Kueker Business Manager at Vivayic

Using Shortlist at NewsCred
Shortlist is easy to use both for me and my team as well as the freelancers we work with. I think the thing I like the best is that we can store all data and necessary assets for each freelancer right within the platform

Jessica Rosenbaum SME Manager at Lone Star

Vital Tool for Our Business
I really like that this system allows me to keep everything in one place. I used to have information all over the place (emails, Adobe cloud, paper files, Sharepoint, word/excel files, etc). My team used to wait on me for information that they now have at the click of a button. It has streamlined my process so significantly and it costs less than hiring another person to help me.

Sam Poley VP Marketing Ops at Method Savvy

Total satisfaction from the start
Intuitive, easy to use, respectful of the actual needs held by those buying the tool. It actually solves the problem I had, and it allows me to go places I wasn’t sure I could when solving the vendor management problems with which I was struggling.

Smile Li Payroll Manager at Shiftgig

Excellent service provider and outstanding service
Shortlist provides an user friendly environment and they can always customize per our request. Information on the platform are straightforward and our payee are invited to the platform timely. Payment are processed timely and accurately. Service team are always responsive and willing to solve any problem.

Verified user Verified user

Awesome Application
I love the constant communication and quick reaction of the company when there are questions or issues. I recently got our portal page up and running and love being able to send out an application for employment or have someone directed to it. Also have the ability to on-board all of our contractors, and have centralized records for them makes life easy