Vendor Onboarding

Vendor onboarding is a process of collecting information, documents and data required to set up a third party company “onboard” as an approved vendor and enable your company to safely conduct business, purchased goods and services and process payments to that vendor.

Automating your vendor onboarding process with Shortlist

We understand that the processes and tasks associated with vendor onboarding and administration can be often a complex and multi step that involves several stakeholders and requires a solution that facilitates time-sensitive collaboration.

Shortlist provides a fast and easy way to request and receive information from your prospective partners and vendors. We also provide vendor approval process so you and your team can easily screen and approve information submitted by your partners.

How it works:

With Shortlist you can create a custom on-boarding templates that you and your colleagues can use each time they want to start working with a new vendor.

You have many different templates for different kind of vendors such as industry, strategical fit or location.

Once you invite vendor to your portal, they will be invited to go through a custom designed questioner. Vendors will maintain their own accounts and will be able save to update their information at any time.

Shortlist tracks live progress, so you can monitor in real time on-boarding progress, and automates next steps depending on the onboarding workflow output.

For example the approval settings can optionally provide back office approval workflow to insure the documents and data are getting to the right people for review.

Once the vendor is on-boarded all their information is saved and stored on their profile within you Shortlist account so it can be shared and accessed through out the entire organization.


Automated Vendor Onboarding

Automated Vendor Onboarding

Custom workflows, Documents, Tax Forms, e-Signing and more



Shortlist provides a comprehensive vendor management solution that provides our clients with a robust vendor onboarding and Administration module. Benefits include:

  • Vendor Self Administration – Reduced cost and save time by allowing vendors to electronically submit and sign documents, agreements and information for approval and easily update their contact and payment information.
  • Request Files – Include requested files (i.e. Certificates, Insurance Policies) for upload. Track the expiry dates.
  • Request Tax Forms – Request and track tax forms such as W9’s, W’s, Tax Certificates etc.
  • Bank Information – Secure data collection of bank / payment information
  • Integrated Approval System – Shortlist provides a workflow component to route documents or obtains approvals from other stakeholders in your organization.
  • Automatic Notification & Escalation: Built in notifications to let you know when critical documents such as licenses or insurance coverage are about to expire. System can generate automatic escalations to both buyer and vendor to prompt corrective action.
  • Search Results: All information is searchable by a powerful search engine that enables you and your team to search through vendor data as well as inside of text documents.
  • Security: Shortlist provides a data security for your vendors and allow electronic signatures for legal documentation