Vendor Portal

A Vendor Portal (or sometimes referred to as Supplier Portal) is a web based software solution that allows your organization efficiently collaborate with vendors, suppliers and contractors, in a secure, online environment.

With vendor portal companies can streamline process of bringing new suppliers on board with the use of the on-boarding workflows. Registered vendors can use the portal to maintain their information, submit invoices and transaction disputes.

In addition, a vendor portal allows companies and vendors to communicate in a highly secured environment and to enjoy controlled access for all parties.

Vendor portals are ideal for providing a better service to your vendors, streamline your process, reduce operating cost and increase compliance.


Looking for a Vendor Portal solution?

Looking for a Vendor Portal solution?

Try Shortlist. Modern and sophisticated vendor portal solution designed for organizations of all sizes


Specifically, best in class vendor management portals offer:

  • Vendor self-service – automate information and documents collection. With vendor portal, vendors will maintain and administrate their own profiles
  • Information sharing – let your vendors find all information they need, reducing administrative overhead on your side to deal with phone and email inquiries
  • Real time -payments information – give your vendor real time visibility about the status of their payments. A vendor portal can provide answers to most invoice payment questions in a streamlined, time-efficient vendor self-service environment
  • Range of communication tools and means for companies and invite vendors to participate in sourcing and purchasing events
  • Comprehensive RFP and e-sourcing tools
  • Contract Management tools
  • Expedite and Streamline Dispute Resolution
  • Document Management

Shortlist offers modern and sophisticated Vendor Portal and Vendor Management solution. Please sign up to speak with a representative or schedule a free vendor portal demo.