Build your agile workforce

With Shortlist you can build a flexible network of vetted freelancers
that can adapt to the fluctuating needs of your business.








Attract top freelancers faster, at lower costs

Shortlist has all the tools you need to self-source, negotiate with, and
engage directly, and compliantly with your freelancers

Custom hiring pipelines

Get a snapshot of your current hiring status. See how many applicants are at each stage of every job opening.

​​​​​​Set up a custom workflow that is tailored to your hiring process, and move applicants along your onboarding lifecycle.

Search and re-engage

The candidate CRM allows you to keep track of the best applicants and prospects for current and future projects.

Use keyword boolean searches across the entire database, from resumes to notes and documents – including PDFs.

Robust candidate profile

Detailed candidate profiles track the history of every prospect, from the time they were sourced to the latest communication.

When a prospect looks like a good fit, move them straight to your Talent Network or add to a hiring pipeline.

Your branded, talent portal

Sourcing the best talent starts with making the right first impression. Create a mobile-friendly talent portal page and up to date job listings with Shortlist’s intuitive toolkit

Onboarding has never been quicker

Automate, personalize and optimize your onboarding lifecycle.

Quickly move workers through your onboarding process

  • SMS notifications

  • Multi-step workflows

  • Electronic signatures

  • AI-based talent matching

  • Background checks

  • Internal approvals

Mitigate your compliance risk

Shortlist evaluates every detail tax authorities investigate in an audit, including the
job parameters, the worker’s business structure, and the working relationship.

Contractor Screening

Agent of Record (AOR)

Employee of Record (EOR)

Compliantly engage your freelancers
on a project-based work

Easily route tasks and assignments to your freelancers. Know the status
of every milestone and the spend on every project – all in real time.

Track your freelancer’s engagements

Get a complete, real-time view of who’s working on what, down to the project and task level.

  • Manage milestones

  • Track budgets

  • AI based talent matching

  • Generate SOWs

Simplify time and
expense tracking

Shortlist facilitates the communication and tracking of billable hours and project milestones.

  • Timesheets

  • Manage approvals

  • Generate invoices and expenses

  • Bulk administration

SOW & Services Procurement

Our Services Procurement solution offers powerful features to support your project-based initiatives.

  • SOW negotiation

  • Competitive bidding
  • Compare tools
  • RFx features

Organize and track all your agile
workers from one dashboard

Group and categorize your workers by their skills, location, experience
and have a single source of truth for your agile workforce.

Group and categorize

Easily create talent pools and groups and share with your colleagues internally or externally

Organize, screen, tag

Organize, screen, tag and track all your talent from one dashboard. Create a single source of truth for your agile workforce

Real-time availability

Your talent can broadcast their real-time availability from their mobile phones with sms/txt messages so your team knows who is available, and who is not, in seconds

Generate Contracts

Dynamically generate contracts and SOW documents.

Automate your Payables operations

Instantly onboard with an email and process payments to over 200 countries

Report on every aspect
 of your agile workforce

Make informed business decisions to improve quality and process efficiency.

Time to hire

How fast can you process a candidate through your hiring pipeline?

Freelancer spend

How much do you spend per department

Cost per hire

See how much each hire is costing you.

Compliance risk

Where are you the most exposed

Budget reports

Are your projects on track

Resourcing reports

Know the availability of every resource