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All-in-one solution to grow and manage your freelance workforce

Onboard, assign and pay your freelancers from a single, user-friendly platform.








Grow your talent network – and your business!

Shortlist helps you source, manage and stay compliant with your freelance contractors.

Customize your hiring pipeline

Onboard the way YOU want to. Get all the features you need, and none of the ones you don’t.

Shortlist lets you tailor your workflow to your specific needs so you can save time and get projects moving faster.

See at a glance where all your applicants are at every stage of the onboarding cycle.

Hiring the perfect candidate is easy

Our candidate CRM lets you find the best contractors for your projects with just a few clicks.

Keyword searches allow you to quickly access your entire freelance database, including their resumes, notes, and PDFs.

The Shortlist CRM helps you hire the right freelancers for current and future projects in a fraction of the time.

Detailed freelancer information at your fingertips

Track the history of all your candidates from sourcing to the most recent contact.

Our database keeps all your freelancer information in one place, making it simple to hire the perfect person for your projects.

When a candidate looks like a good match, just add them to your Talent Network or hiring pipeline to move them to the next step in your workflow.

Looking to hire freelancers?

It’s important to make a great first impression.

Shortlist’s mobile-friendly talent portal lets you create a branded, professional page to attract top talent for your business.

Our intuitive toolkit keeps your job listings up to date, ensuring that you’re hiring the right people at the right time.

Create a better onboarding experience

Automated, personalized onboarding that your freelancers will thank you for.

Save your team time with a seamless onboarding process

  • SMS notifications

  • Multi-step workflows

  • Electronic signatures

  • AI-based talent matching

  • Background checks

  • Internal approvals

Keep compliant at every step

We help you stay on the right side of tax authorities.

By evaluating your working relationships from job parameters to your workers’ business structures, Shortlist makes sure you’re prepared at audit time.

Contractor Screening

Agent of Record (AOR)

Employee of Record (EOR)

Assign and track your projects in real time

Our project dashboard keeps you up to date with your current assignments, milestones, and budget spend

Live project overviews

See who’s working on what in real time for every project and task level

  • Manage milestones

  • Track budgets

  • AI-based talent matching

  • Generate SOWs

Time and expense tracking simplified

Shortlist makes it easy to keep track of your billing and project milestones

  • Timesheets

  • Manage approvals

  • Generate invoices and expenses

  • Bulk administration

SOW & Services Procurement

Our Services Procurement feature gives you a powerful solution for hiring the right freelancers or a vendor at a competitive price

  • SOW negotiation

  • Competitive bidding
  • Compare tools
  • RFx features

Manage your entire freelance workforce from a single dashboard

Group and search your contractors by skill, location, or experience. Our smart dashboard gets you the information you need – fast.

Streamline your management

Create, group, and share your talent pool with your internal and external teams for more streamlined project management.

Screening, tagging and tracking

Shortlist lets you screen candidates and add tagging and tracking to each profile so you can find the right person for your project in a few clicks.

Real-time availability

Find out who’s available immediately with SMS/text notifications. Your contractors can let your team know in seconds if they’re free for new projects.

Generate your own contracts

Customize and generate statements of work and contracts for your freelancers. Digital signing makes it easy to get your projects started faster.

Pay your freelancers faster

Our automated payment solutions let you pay contractors in over 180 countries

Business Intelligence

The intuitive Shortlist analytics platform informs decisions to advance performance.
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Time-based intel

Improve your hiring targets with our time-to-fill dashboards.

Budget dashboards

Keep valuable cost-per-hire metrics and worker spend at your fingertips.

Resourcing metrics

Dive into your data to reveal workforce and engagement inefficiencies.

Compliance reports

Track adherence to internal policy and relevant laws to improve how you engage.

Highly configurable

Each dashboard implementation is tailored to the preferences of stakeholders.

Benchmarking tools

Benchmark real-time data against historical values to showcase progress.