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Shortlist–Asana Integration


Increase productivity with Shortlist’s Asana integration. With this powerful connection, you’ll be able to integrate data from the popular tracking software and Shortlist to increase visibility of critical projects.

Kick-off engagements, update records, add key dates and more by sharing info between the two systems.


Create a Project or Task

Initiate a new Asana Project or Task when a specific action has been taken in Shortlist. Pass information like SOW details, payment information and more.

Coming Soon: Upload File to Task

Seamlessly push uploaded files in a Shortlist Project or Task to the corresponding Asana Task for additional context.

Automatically Update Asana Tasks

When information inside a Shortlist Task or Project is edited by a team member, this information will be passed to Asana so you’ll always stay up-to-date.

Close Projects or Tasks

Trigger action in Shortlist when an Asana user assigns a new status to an Asana Task. This can mean you can automatically close Tasks in Shortlist when Asana work is complete.

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Shortlist x Asana Integration

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