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Shortlist–Google Sheets Integration


Shortlist’s Google Sheets integration creates endless collaboration possibilities between the two systems to enhance your accounting activities.

Track your finances using Shortlist triggers like timesheet approvals, task completion dates, and Payment approvals to create new data in Google Sheets.


Transfer Accounting Data

Send Shortlist information like hours worked, payment amounts, dates of services and much more to predefined cells in Google Sheets.

Shortlist Info Dashboards

Create a dashboard in Google Sheets with data from Shortlist like total number of Projects/Tasks in a given month, payment total by contractor or other KPI’s.

Trigger from Shortlist Actions

Push data to Google Sheets when specific action is taken in Shortlist like the changing of a payment status, timesheets are submitted, tasks are created and more.

Outstanding Payments Tracking

Improve the tracking of outstanding invoices in Google Sheets by sending ‘draft’ Payments data from Shortlist. This can be configured to refresh at an interval of your choice.

Trigger Shortlist Approvals

When a predefined action is taken in Google Sheets you can trigger specific actions in Shortlist like approving a timesheet or payment.

Manage Work in Sheets

If your Project Management workflow includes Google Sheets, you can integrate Shortlist by sending Project and task information to specific cell areas.

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Shortlist x Google Sheets Integration

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