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Shortlist–Mavenlink Integration


Shortlist Mavenlink’s integration makes it possible for customers to automatically synchronize project and billing information between the two systems.

Information can now be entered in only one system and propagated to another system eliminating the need to create duplicate data entry in both Mavenlink and Shortlist.


Update Project

Projects are pushed from Mavenlink to Shortlist along with a title, description, start data, due date, and price. Updates to project information can be synchronized with Shortlist.

Update Task

Tasks within a project are pushed to Shortlist along with title, description, currency, start & estimated end date, and the fixed fee. Updates to tasks in Mavenlink can be synchronized with Shortlist.

Coming Soon: Assign Task

Task assignees in Mavenlink are pushed to Shortlist as assigned Freelancers and vice versa.

Update Payment

Invoices marked as paid in Shortlist will have the amount synchronized to their Mavenlink project for the purposes of tracking paid vs. unpaid budget.

Feature name

Select the frequency and schedule of your integration synchronization.

Coming Soon: Assign User

Map Mavenlink Users to Shortlist Internal and External Users.

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Shortlist x Mavenlink Integration

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