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Shortlist–Quickbooks Integration


Shortlist’s QuickBooks integration makes it possible for customers to automatically synchronize payment and billing information between the two systems.

Information can now be entered in only one system and propagated to another system eliminating the need to create duplicate data entry in both QuickBooks and Shortlist.


Create Bill

Automatically create an invoice in QuickBooks when an action is taken in Shortlist. Send information like bill amount, SOW information and more.

Payment Status Trigger

Trigger specific action in Quickbooks when your Shortlist payment status changes. For instance, auto-generate an invoice when the status changes to ‘Approved’.

Notify QuickBooks User

Ping appropriate finance staff when a new invoice is automatically created in QuickBooks. This can be triggered from several actions from within Shortlist.

Auto-approve Payments

When you create an invoice in QuickBooks using the same email as a Shortlist contractor, the corresponding Shortlist payment will change to ‘Approved’.

Add Contractors to QuickBooks

Everytime a payment is entered for a new vendor or contractor, a contact is created in QuickBooks. Details of the contact are passed from their Shortlist profile.

Timesheet Approval

When a manager approves a timesheet in Shortlist, you can trigger an invoice to be created in QuickBooks using the payment amount and type.

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Shortlist x Quickbooks Integration

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