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Shortlist–Slack Integration


If your company uses the popular messaging tool then we recommend taking advantage of the many integration possibilities between the two systems.

From notifying pertinent staff to triggering specific Shortlist action, Slack can be a powerful way to improve workflows and increase operational efficiency.


Payment Notifications

When a Payment is added or ‘Approved’ in Shortlist, automatically send a Slack message to appropriate financing staff so they’re made aware.

Enhance Project Oversight

Send up-to-date Shortlist Project or Task details as a message to specific Project Management channels in Slack to improve visibility.

Trigger Payment Action from Slack

When you ‘heart’ or ‘thumbs up’ payment details in Slack, Shortlist can auto-approve the corresponding payment in the Payments module.

Coming Soon: Keep tabs on Onboarding

Gain visibility into your onboarding workflows by notifying specific Slack channels when candidates enter certain stages.

Trigger Project Creation in Shortlist

utomatically create Projects and Tasks in Shortlist with details of a project in Slack. This can be helpful for transitioning PM workflows from Slack to Shortlist.

Timesheets Approvals

Send timesheets from Shortlist to Slack to enable faster approvals. Simply place a predetermined emoji under the hours and amount to auto-approve in Shortlist.

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Shortlist x Slack Integration

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