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Shortlist–Teamwork Integration


With Shortlist’s Teamwork integration you can enhance your Project Management workflow by creating automated actions via triggers in either platform.

Streamline specific tasks like assigning work, tracking engagements or receiving deliverables and more between the two systems to get going quicker.


Card Created

Create a new Teamwork card in the appropriate board when a specific action has been taken in Shortlist. Kick a new card off when a new contractor is onboarded or a task is created.

Calendar Reminder or Event Type

Use Project or Task deadlines to establish events in Teamwork. Additionally, you can auto-set reminders in Teamwork for key dates of the engagement.

Coming Soon: Upload File to Project

Seamlessly push uploaded files in a Shortlist Project or Task to the corresponding Teamwork Project for additional context.

Coming Soon: Create Message Reply

When Shortlist contractor interacts within the Task messenger tool, the correspondence will be added as a message reply within the Project in Teamwork.

Create Milestone

Pass Shortlist milestones from the Task to the appropriate card in Teamwork. This can include the name of the milestone, the weight of overall budget and deadlines

Create Expense

If you track contracts in Teamwork then these can be auto-generated and stored as documents within Teamwork. This SOW data is pulled from Shortlist Tasks.

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Shortlist x Teamwork Integration

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