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Shortlist–Trello Integration


Cut down on Project Management duties with Shortlist’s Trello integration. Collaborate between the two platforms to enhance your workflow.

Through data entry in one system, actions can be taken in the other to improve efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks like project creation, assigning work and tracking metrics.


Trigger New Tasks in Trello

Create a new Trello card in the appropriate board when a specific action has been taken in Shortlist. Kick a new card off when a new contractor is onboarded or a task is created.

Pass Valuable Data

Information like key deadlines, deliverables (coming soon), assignees and more can be added to a new Trello card. This information can be pulled from Shortlist’s Projects and Tasks module.

Track Payments in Trello

Automatically create a card in Trello everytime a Shortlist payment is added in Shortlist. The status of the card will change seamlessly when the payment is approved in Shortlist.

Create New Tasks in Shortlist

Pull information from a Trello card into Shortlist to jumpstart a task in Shortlist. This information can include SOW details, payment information and more.

Automatically Update Trello Cards

When information inside a Task or Project is updated by a team member, this information will be passed to Trello so you’ll always stay up-to-date.

Coming Soon: Onboarding Actions

Create a Trello card when contractors enter a specific stage in onboarding. This can be helpful when working in existing workflows and improve communication with key staff.

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Shortlist x Tello Integration

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